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Track Split Pro is a distraction-free stopwatch app for track coaches to use during track meets. Its large buttons allow you to keep your eyes on your runners while recording their splits without having to look at your phone.
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Timing more than one runner is difficult to accomplish with a traditional stopwatch but very simple with Track Split Pro. Pressing the “+1” button divides the split button down the middle, maintaining Track Split Pro’s functional design. Using your fingers to feel the edges of the screen to locate the different split buttons means you don’t have to take your eyes off your athletes. Timing multiple athletes without juggling stopwatches or navigating a complicated app has never been easier!
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Track Split Pro displays all previous lap times. Longer track events require a race strategy, and with previous lap times instantly accessible, Track Split Pro can help you adjust your runner’s strategy in the 5k or the 10k on the fly.
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There is no need to write down lap times because they are instantly available with the push of a button. Pressing the “mail” icon quickly exports race data through SMS or e-mail. This keeps you focussed on the meet and makes getting ready for the next race easy.
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I created Track Split Pro so I could keep an eye on the track and my athletes and not have to worry about carrying around a clipboard and multiple stopwatches. The ability to export their race data without fumbling around with my phone means I am able to get ready for the next event and focus on coaching my runners.
Jon Messner, Creator Track Split Pro
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